Plantain Every Day Recipes
Plantain cookbook ebook.
50 grain-free recipes are made from a secret ingredient - PLANTAINS! No almond flour needed to make these sweet and savory recipes. Lori and Michelle demonstrate how to make cooking fun and healthy Paleo-friendly recipes. 50 grain-free recipes made without almond flour is filled with recipes that all lovers of great food will enjoy, whether they follow a grain-free lifestyle or not. 

All the recipes are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, and yeast-free. Many recipes are egg, sugar and dairy, and nut free too! You will see recipes from brownies to bread to waffles to cinnamon rolls to chips to pizza to cake! These recipes will become staples in your house! 

'Healthy' and 'delicious' can coexist, and this cookbook shows you how! The twins will show you how easy it is to treat yourself and still maintain good health!